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Welcome to my world of herbs

Welcome to my world of herbs

Come back to nature!

It's all around us! No matter where we live, nature is there and is ready to assist our body in the healing process. Nature has been working her wonders for thousands of years, back to the day of the caveman. Countries all over the world allow her in to their homes in forms of herbal teas, creams, tinctures, hydrosols, salves, poultices, etc. Americans used to do that too, then fear was instilled in our minds, "the herbs will hurt you, we don't know enough about them, be safe, use pharmaceuticals". In reality it's the pharmaceuticals that are hurting us. Determined herbalists and researchers around the world have proven this. America is coming back to nature! Through education we can assist our body in healing itself, the way it once did. Toxins of all kinds have blocked the natural healing process our body was born with. I join other herbalists in bringing you back to NATURE!

My goal is to educate those that seek the path. Providing information as well as product, I can assist in bringing NATURE back to America. Join me on this path, all are welcome.

Along with education, I offer you various herbal products.

My pledge to you - I USE ONLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC HERBS, TEAS, PRODUCTS IN MY RECIPES! This is extremely important to me and I will not compromise any product with inferior supplies.

• Herbal Teas
• Tea Accessories
• Black, Green, Rooibus

You can find these teas at the following places:

Milk and Honey Green Grocery on Church St., in Salem MA. carries our teas year around. You can also call them for special orders which I deliever within 48 hrs for you to pick up at the shop. 

Vitality Spa, Willmington MA - wonderful spa with amazing staff!

Ingaldsby Farm, 14 Washington Street, Boxford MA - local farm stand, will open again April 1, 2013

Natural Food Exchange, 343 Main St., Reading. My teas are now available here. They will also take orders for my specialty teas. They have a great assortment of gluten free products as well as every supplement you could ever want. A true "Natural" store!

Haverhill Farmers Market, begins June 29 and goes through October. Looking forward to joining this market this summer. Come by and taste my teas! Follow them on facebook and follow me on facebook and you will be kept informed of progress for the opening of the market for 2013. 

Began my third year creating wonderful herbal tea blends. Thank you to all of you!

For your shopping ease:

black teas in black bags, green teas in green bags and red teas (rooibus and honeybush) in red bags. The herbal teas remain in the "craft" bags. Other than simplyfying your shopping experience, you will be able to tell at a glance which teas have caffeine. All the black teas I offer have caffeine (black bags) as well as all green teas (green bags). Red teas and herbal teas do not have caffeine. Decaff green tea will be a special order only.


Thanks for visiting and enjoy the teas! Please email me with any questions or concerns.


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